Meggie Swisher: Video

My sister is wonderful. My sister is smart. My sister is athletic. My sister is kind. My sister is beautiful. My sister is Meggie. Period.

After several different days of shooting, going to 13 locations, traveling to 3 counties, and taking pictures in 2 different states…..  1400 pictures later… This is what we came up with! I hope you like them! ♥ B

Meggie’s Senior Pictures: Slide show

*The awesome music is by The Weepies!


5 thoughts on “Meggie Swisher: Video

  1. Meg you are such a beautiful model. Bri you have so much talent as a photographer and should be in front of camera also as you have such beauty and grace.

  2. These are such wonderful pictures. I can’t believe how grown up Meggie is. I still remember the annoying little sister that wouldn’t leave us alone while we tried to do our Social Studies Fair project. LOL She’s gone from annoying pest to beautiful woman overnight. These pictures are truely amazing, Brie. You are such an artist.

  3. Wow! These pics are ALL so beautiful!!!! I kept thinking, ‘that’s my fave…no wait, that’s it…” I finally just gave up – too hard to choose between! Kudos to both the awesome model and the sweet photographer!!

  4. Simply beautiful! A beautiful & talented girl capturing her beautiful & talented sister! The Swisher genes are magnificent :)

    <3 Angie

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