Wonderful Whimsical Wednesday

Sometimes I just like the random, playful, and wonderfully awesome! So, here’s some things that fit the bill this Wednesday.

If I lived at the beach (which I will someday), I’d make sweet images like this!
Image via StumbleUpon

Lighting up the night: Stunning time-lapse images of fireflies that blaze beautiful patterns in the dark

Jean Dessès’ Evening Dress at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Love this song!  Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

I dont know where to get this… but I thought it was awesome! via StumbleUpon
If I lived in the country… or the mountains (which I hope to do at least for a time during my life), then I’d want a house like this. I love it… maybe every part of it. Enough to finish out this blog post with nothing but pictures of this house.
Ok… so I’d probably switch out some of the furniture and artwork but for the majority… LOVE!
These amazing photos came from Twig Home via Atlanta Homes
Happy Wednesday! ♥ B

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