Wonderful Whimsical Wednesday

Wednesday are normally the tough part of the week for people. The week isn’t quite over but there’s been enough days in it to wish it was. For me, Wednesdays are the highlight of my week. My last class is Wednesday morning which means smooth sailing into the weekend. So here’s some random things I’ve ran across this week that I thought you might enjoy as well. Happy Wednesday!  ♥ B

Ana Sophia Scheller

I think ballerinas are amazing. Some little girls go the way of princesses; I think I went more the way of ballerinas. One wish that I have was that I actually stuck with the classes I began as a 4-year-old. I also wish that I had a few willing dancers to photograph for my portfolio.

I mean look at the work that Von Wong does with dancers! A-maz-za-zing!

It takes two to tango

 In fitting honor of the day: Wednesday Morning by Slackstring

Evie fleurette peep-toe pumps 

I’m sorry but this is too dang cute!

Vintage feeling beige romantic laced frame purse

Yes… the only reason I posted this is because it’s the ocean. And I love it. And I wish I was there! Next week, next week…

Have an amazing rest of the week everyone!

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