Wonderful Whimsical Wednesday

I started this post yesterday and finished it up today… so I’m still gonna consider it a Wednesday post :)

I haven’t consistently posted in a while and I’ll tell you why. This was a crazy summer filled with awesomeness and 35-45 hour work weeks with my internship with Mon County Habitat for Humanity. ‘This girl’ was put in charge of coordinating a triathlon! Now Internet, I’m not a runner. I ‘can’ run; I just hate it with a passion. My toe shoes (aka Vibrams) are changing that, somewhat, but I still dont enjoy running like the nutballs who claim to get a “runner’s high” from it. Anyhow, I’m not a runner, I have never coordinated any type of race before, yet participated in one, and here I am, running the entire thing! {Insert crazy woman photo here}

Needless to say, my organizational, multi-tasking, delegating, coordinating skills kicked in and we had a successful kid and adult races with over 350 participants and 150 volunteers. Along the way, though, I did manage to fit in some fun-time this summer. I…..

….went to a Pirates game

…..attended the Man’s graduation

……Watched/photographed these manly men at the Warrior Dash

….. ate along the Ohio River with some the lovely ladies who braved this mudpit with me

….. went on a couple random trips to Audra

…. ate a lot of cupcakes

…. went to the beach and go the bright idea that it’s be cheaper and fun to stay in a tent while there!

not the case! It rained, and pored, and had tropical storm worthy winds! The Man is actually INSIDE the tent holding it down from blowing away. It was a rough time and we only got about 2 non-rain hours on the beach before calling it quits and going home. I do love an adventure though!

…. got to play with this lil girl. A lot!

….. attended my first Seventh Day Baptist Conference. With this lil man (also his first conference).

…. went through a crazy random hail storm in AUGUST!

… dog sat

…. used my first bullhorn at the Triathlon

…. ate some amazing dinners

and… I rounded the whole thing off with a saweeet birthday!

with sweet jet black helmet presents with hot pink mohawks!

and color coded trashcans for recycling

and finally, sweet stuff from people who know the way to my heart… homemade baked goods! Snicker-doodle cookies by the Man, red velvet cookies with cream cheese filling and drizzled on top by my seester, and pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting from my Mamma. Nums!

So there you have it… Summer 2012 in a condensed blog post. Have a Happy Thursday!

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