Wonderful Whimsical Wednesday

I love finding unique items on the web! Like card catalog minibars!


source: the sugar monster

Or suitcases turned medicine cabinet! This is a great idea for all the vintage luggage I’ve collected.


source: matador network

These witty postcards are all the rage nowadays… some of them, not so funny, others–pretty spot on.


Ya see, most people think that Journalists should be excellent spellers… not the case with this girl. I have to spell-check my texts often.

And because I recently bought tickets to see the a-maz-za-zing Avett Brothers for Valentine’s Day. Here’s one of their lovely ballads that’s been rocking my world.

Design a Tea


I found this awesome website called Design a Tea. You can choose a base tea, pick your favorite flavors, and enjoy your custom blend. For a tea lover, this sounds amazing! To sweeten the site, you can try 2 free samples of tea you create for only $1 (no s&h) and then receive a $2 credit for your next purchase! Sounds pretty great, right?! Well I’ve ordered my sample and will let you all know how it goes!


I’m not a huge jewelry wearer but this ring is so different and pretty that I love it! Not to mention the green is my birthstone!

Why yes, I do believe I want to visit here!


4 seasons resort: bora bora

Happy Wednesday! ♥ B

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