Along with Bath Salts, I decided to make my sister and mom scarfs for Christmas. Sweet CS Designs gave a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make infinity scarves.


  1. To make this scarf, you’ll need 1 to 1.5 yards of fabric. I used spunky printed flannel fabric for my sister‘s.
  2. You’ll basically make a long fabric tube. It helps if you picture it that way during the process! First, fold your fabric in half hotdog style (make it the longest it can be).
  3. Cut down the middle of the fold so that you have two long strips.
  4. With the right sides of the fabric facing together, straight stitch the two long strips together at the short end. You should now have a long piece of fabric stitched in the middle.
  5. Open the long strip then fold it in half again long ways (hotdog) so that the right sides are facing and sew together down the long side.
  6. Turn the fabric tube right side out and fold down the remaining ends together (interlocking them) creating the loop and sew across.


For my mom’s scarves I didn’t complete Step 6 but instead folded each end under and sewed them so they wouldnt be connected. That way she’s able to wear it any way she’d like rather than being restricted to the infinity style.

These were super easy to make and they loved them!

♥ B

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