My Sweet List

Lovin’ the Lord, Laughing, Having a Bubbly Personality, Stilettos, Jeep Wranglers!, Comfy Sandals, Photography, Chuck Taylors, Pretty Dresses, Gilmore Girls, IKEA, Redecorating my House, The Cheesecake Factory, Coffee and/or Hot Tea, Tall Glass of Sweet Tea, The Cool Side of the Pillow, Powerful Black and White Photographs, Finding Vintage Jewelry in my Grandma’s Closet, Settlers of Catan till 2 in the a.m., Road Trips on Summer Days with the Windows Down, Music that makes me Wanna Dance, Big Purses, The Beach, Squishy Sand and Blue Water, Cooking, Making Silly Faces, Fresh Fruit, Hand Picked Flowers Rather than ones from the Florist, The Smell of Fresh Perfume, Dreaming of Funny Things (apparently I laugh in my sleep!!), The Smell Right Before it Rains.


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